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Artworks 2D 3D by Andrea Matarazzo
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Personal interpretationof 20 images that create the Holy Rosary, with the life of Jesus Christ and of Our Lady. Art aimed at engaging and excite the faithful, as was the case in some paintings of ancient art, combined with modern virtual reality techniques in computer graphics 3d 2d. Personale interpretazione del Santo Rosario composto da 20 immagini con la Vita di Gesù Cristo e Maria. Arte mirata a coinvolgere e a emozionare il fedele, come accadeva in alcuni dipinti dell' arte antica , unita alle tecniche moderne di realtà virtuale nella computer grafica 3d 2d.
Joyful Mysteries ( Misteri della Gloria ) 1-Annunciation/ 2-Visitation/3-Nativity/4-Presentation at th Temple/5-Jesus among the Doctors, Teachers at the Temple.
Mysteries of Light ( Misteri della Luce ). 1-The Baptism/2-Wedding of Cana/3-The proclamation of the Kingdom of God/4-Trasfiguration of Jesus/5-Last Supper,Eucharist
Mysteries of Pain ( Misteri del Dolore ). 1-Jesus in the Garden,Getsemani/2-Flagellation of Christ/3-Christ Crowned/4-Procession to Calvary with the Cross/5-Crucifixion of Jesus
Mysteries of Glory ( Misteri della Gloria ).1-Resurrection of Jesus/2-Ascension of Jesus/3-Pentecost/4-Assumption of Mary/5-Coronation of Mary
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